Thursday, 28 May 2009

Blog comments

Thanks to everyone who commented recently! I'm so bad at responding to comments. From now on I'll make more of an effort, because I do love reading them! Obrigada a todos que comentaram no meu blog. Me desculpem por não responder a todos antes - vou me esforçar de escrever mais daqui para frente, porque adoro ler seus comentários!

I woke up with my Dad today, at 6 am, and insisted (by making a "psss" sound) on being taken to pee three times in less than an hour. So, believe it or not, I peed three times in a row in my potty. That is definitely a milestone. Generally it's hit or miss - sometimes I will signal that I need to pee, other times I can't be bothered and just pee in my diaper. I confess - I just wanted to be allowed to get out of bed to play! Normally, I'm the best morning sleeper - I go to bed late, but then I sleep until 10 or 11am - so I don't quite know what happened today.

After all that commotion, and a cracker, and playing a bit, I fell asleep in the middle of the living room. To share with Julie and the Casa Rosa gang, I took this photo - I call it Self Portrait with the Casa Rosa Quilt. Aren't I cute?

And here are a couple more cute photos that I took recently, for good measure....

And now for Auntie Lizz....

Mission accomplished. Sorta.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Way too many photos of me in Santiago

Way, way too many unedited, unselected photos from my visit to Santiago, Chile in December 2008....

Monday, 4 May 2009

Me at 15 months

Today I am 15 months old! I don't mean to boast, of course (do I ever?), but I'm pretty proud of my accomplishments. My mom has been writing things down in a book, once-in-a-while-if-she-remembers-sort of-maybe, but in this day and age, everything that's important is digital, is it not? I told her to get with it and let ME do the list - on my blog. I mean, I'm already behind the times because I don't use Twitter, right? (I would, but my mom doesn't let me. She says it's silly. My dad doesn't know what it is and doesn't care.) So here's a digital list of my accomplishments, big and (mostly) small.

I weigh 10.8 kg and am 78.5cm tall. I have 8 teeth and hardly any hair. I can:

  • Say in English: Mom, Daddy, dog, muh (milk.) I also answer "Eissh" when asked "What's your name?"
  • Say in Portuguese: Mamãe (mommy), bow wow (not sure how it's spelled - maybe bau uau - for dog), a (for água - water), dá (give), and something that sounds like "desce" (down.) Answer "Cadê o dodoi?" (Where's the owie?) by saying "ay" and pointing to the place that hurts.
  • Say the names of some of my friends and neighbours - Jessa (Jessica), Chagõ (Tiago), Deiss (Deise), Tata (Carla) and Chi (Tia - auntie - for my babysitter Sandra.)
  • Point to my head, nose, mouth, foot, hand, and belly button when asked in English or Portuguese.
  • Follow simple instructions in both Portuguese and English. Here are some that I have mastered in both languages:
Give Mommy/Daddy the ......
Come here.
Go get your car/ball/book/diaper.
Go to Daddy.
Put it in the garbage.
Brush your hair. (Yeah, yeah, I know I don't actually have any hair!)
Sit down (although I understand, I usually don't obey!)
Kiss the baby (kiss myself in the mirror!)
Kick (the ball)

Two words that I only know in Portuguese are "gira" (to which I spin wildly in circles - I haven't learned the word "spin" yet!) and "carinho" (to which I gently touch - or hit - a person or animal.)
  • Charm people by showing off that I understand both languages - they can say any of the words below, and I do the appropriate action!
Blink or piscadinha
Kiss or beijo
Hug or abraço
Tchau or bye bye
  • Fill in the missing "da" if you say "Você é minha vi...." or "Elis is from Cana....." OK, OK, so I don't actually know what I'm saying, but that's beside the point. My neighbour Carla taught me that trick, and everybody loves it!
  • Use hand signs for "hungry," "milk," "doggy," "bath" and "all done" and shake my head to disagree.
And of course it's not all about language skills. No, I am multi-talented, you see. I can pee and poop in my potty (not all the time, of course - but at least a couple of times per day. I like to think of it as doing my bit for the environment - fewer laundry loads of cloth diapers and hardly a disposable diaper in sight these days, except for at night. My dad works for the municipal garbage department and the local landfill is within months of being completely full - what's a concerned baby to do?) I can nurse lying down, sitting, and even standing up! I just learned how to walk backwards, and these days I love climbing up on things (and into things, like closets.) And I love to dance, of course - I clap, tap my toes, stamp my feet and bounce to everything from reggae to samba to folky Yukon tunes. I can manage to very messily ingest a bowl of food on my own, although the spoon is more for decoration than for use - what's the point, really, when you can get your hands messy? I do scribble, but the crayon is more likely to end up in my mouth than on the paper. I am particularly fond of pressing buttons - from turning on the TV at the neighbours' house to taking photos to flushing the toilet. And I just discovered how to blow bubbles in the bathtub - my mom thinks it looks kind of dangerous and watches me like a hawk, but I think it's just plain fun! I try to be helpful, sometimes - recently I dumped my water all over the floor, and then - without anyone telling me to - found a cloth and began to wipe it up. That was an isolated incident, though - usually I just make huge messes. Emptying drawers, grabbing CDs and other reachable objects and throwing them on the floor - and if anyone tries to stop me, I let them have it. Ah, yes, I can't wait for the terrible twos...

Well, that was the most photo-free post I have ever done. I will work on getting some photo and video evidence for all these grand claims. In the meantime, please encourage me by leaving comments - I might even get those pictures up faster if you do! But for now, I've got some sleeping, growing, and learning to attend to!