Sunday, 30 November 2008


Well, I don't know anything about birthdays yet, but if my first birthday next February 4th is as fun as my mom's 29th birthday, I promise I won't cry or complain.

So 29 isn't supposed to be a big deal...the plan was just to spend the weekend with friends. My silly dad had to work - see the photos of what he was up to at - so my mom and I decided to have lunch with Elena and Marisa...

And we spent Sunday with good friends at a cultural event organized by the Cape Verde Association....we had a great time dancing, eating and listening to music from Cape Verde....

By Sunday evening, we were ready to go home and go to bed! But my dad had other plans.....although he didn't let on a thing! He went to visit our neighbour who has been sick recently, and called my mom on the phone to say that they were going to take her to the could she please go there quickly to help. Did she suspect a thing? No. It was a pretty good surprise! I wasn't fooled, though.

Luckily our friend Cal has two kids - one just turned 2 (Yasmin, the cute one with the broken arm below), and the other one, Junior, just turned 9. Since my dad hadn't thought of details like candles, it was pretty lucky that my mom really was turning 29.

My only complaint about the birthday party is that all my friends showed up. I like them a lot, but they always look cuter than me in the photos, and that's not allowed!

Well, that's enough birthday news for tonight....A belated thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes! Muito obrigada a tod@s que desejaram feliz aniversário para minha mãe! I'll just show off these cute teeth before I leave you!

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