Friday, 9 January 2009

Feliz Natal - bilingual January edition

You know, this bilingualism thing is tough. I just turned 11 months old, and people expect me to be bilingual already. Not only that, they complain when I don't say everything twice on my blog! I mean, por favor! I understand myself just fine the first time. For the rest of you, there's a very decent translator here - just enter the website address, and it will translate the entire page. Once in a while, it does spit out some pretty funny translations, though....check out the first paragraph of my original Christmas greeting:

This Christmas was very special for me, since that is the first step in this world without being within the mother of my potbelly. It is my first Christmas, and that Christmas!

All kidding aside (haha....See? I can already make not-funny and not-translatable puns. My Avô Greg would be proud!), I did mean to wish everyone a Merry Christmas in both Portuguese and English, but we only had a couple of hours off the ferry in the middle of nowhere on Christmas Day. (No, we weren't in Alaska - we were in Puerto Chacabuco in southern Chile.) It was lucky we found internet at all! Since my Christmas greeting didn't get uploaded in time, here it is now:

This video is for my Aunt Lizz, who complains that my mom doesn't teach me enough English. Here is the proof that I am learning a mixed-up way. My friend Carla is doing a great job of learning along with me - dog is cachorro in Portuguese, but she and I both practiced the word dog today. If I can understand both "Cadê o doggy?" and "Where's the doggy?" at 11 months, I think I'm going to turn out all right. I also wave when I hear either "bye-bye" or "tchau" as well as blow kisses (well, smack my lips) in response to "beijo" and "kiss" (even though I didn't show it off very well in the video.) I am not totally bilingual, though...I hand objects over on command (when I'm feeling generous) and say "da" when I want something, but haven't yet learned to understand "give it to me" - that's way more complicated. And I call my Dad "Daddy" and not "Papai" - since I was babbling Dadada anyway, my parents thought that they'd teach me that first.

Anyway, chega....that's enough talking and blogging for tonight! Até mais!

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