Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A riddle for you....

What do you get when you mix Canadian and Brazilian genes - and 6 trips between the megalopolis of São Paulo and small-town northern Canada - into one 20-month-old kid?

a) the world's only moose-eating, soccer-playing samba dancer?
b) a happy, even-tempered tot who's as comfortable hanging out in international airports as in favelas (7 and 4, respectively, at last count)
c) a fearless superhero who can take on the mean streets of São Paulo, as well as the odd muskox, bear, and giant beaver?
d) a multilingual parrot?
e) (organic brown salt-free) rice and beans at midnight?
f) all of the above.

You guessed it - f) all of the above is the answer! Proof to come in the next post...keep your eye on my blog!


Dawn said...

Elisita! I spent a great New Year's Eve with Stephanie and her James (you met them in Toronto) and the two of us were wondering how you are these days! (and where). Please give your mum a big hug from us, and have a great year!

Danwa said...

It`s amazing to spend a fantastic holiday. You indeed great. I truely love your way.

Ride on.

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