Saturday, 5 November 2011

Maloqueira internacional.....(ou, canadense da quebrada)

A while back, I said to my mom, "Nóis é tough."  If you understand why this (or anything else in this post) is funny, consider yourself bilingual in English and São Paulo slang.    She thought it was hilarious and told me to post it on my blog, along with my question and answer to myself during the last election campaign: "Você vai votar em quem?"  "Corinthians!"  I'm sure Lula would agree with me.  To top it off, I recently appeared on TV Corinthians!

Since the World Cup will be opening in São Paulo in the not-too-distant future, and I know my way around Itaquera (home of the new soccer stadium for the opening game, as well as the Corinthians soccer team), I would like to offer my services to all the foreign tourists out there who are in need of a very cute translator/bodyguard.  Here are a few of the places and events in Itaquera that I've been to lately; for a small fee, I'll take you to all these fun places between soccer matches!

COHAB José Bonifácio with Artistas Viajantes da Nossa Goma

Parque Raul Seixas

Garbage clean-up in my party dress!  (OK, this isn't Itaquera, but doesn't it prove how sophisticated I am?)

Reggae na Rua in the rain

All this fun thanks to the nice itaquerenses from ALMA Ambiental!  Here I am checking out slugs with my friend Nayê, in front of ALMA's office.

But after all this excitement, plus two trains and two buses to get home from Itaquera, I'm one tired kid!


Daniela Caielli said...

Lindas fotos!!! ah: Elis dormindo com a camiseta do alma é um mimo!

Gregory Bryce said...

Elis, por favor, dar um grande abraço para a mamãe e gritar "Feliz Aniversário!"

Com amor, Vovô

Elis said...

Obrigada, Vovô! Seu português está impecável! Está estudando para fazer uma visita no Brasil?

Elis said...

Obrigada, Dani! O ALMA tem mais uma garota propaganda, junto com minhas amigas Nuita e Elena!

Born Again Brazilian said...

She's so adorable!!

Elis said...

Thanks, I do think I'm rather adorable! (How did I not see this comment earlier....? I love getting compliments!)