Sunday, 18 May 2008

Elis in Brazil - May 2008

At long last, here's the update that everyone has been waiting for....I have been so busy meeting friends and relatives in Brazil (not to mention sleeping, eating and growing like a weed) that I haven't kept my blog up to date. So on the theory that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million, here is a video of what I have been up to over the last two months. Please don't think that I am silly parents take far too many photos of my every move.

Para meus amigos brasileiros, espero que gostem destas fotos de nós! Tem mais fotos ainda, então se você não estiver no meu primeiro videozinho, não se preocupe - logo farei outro vídeo com mais fotos recentes....


ebeluga said...
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Dawn said...

What a beautiful, beautiful little baby. I wish you all were still in Whitehorse - I'll be there on Monday - but she looks totally content in Brasil. xo Dawn

Asheya said...

Hey Sarah,
Wow, I can't believe so many months have flown by! Eowyn is already 12 weeks! Elis looks so big, and so much like Edi. Sounds like you have been busy. We have been too - we were away in Vancouver vising Eric's parents for the month of May, and have been working on getting Due North Delivery up and running, as well as planting a garden and trying to take care of our two little munchkins. You can check out my blog at