Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sophisticated Me

My dad and mom and babysitter Sandra made an exhibit of some of the big events in my life to show to our friends at my first birthday party, at the beginning of February....

Well, I think they missed some key details....My first doll, my first book, baby photos and passports (yes, that's plural - did you ever doubt my sophisticatedness?) are all well and good, but what about these sophisticated things I've done in the past year?

- Spent Rendezvous in Whitehorse, Chinese New Year in Vancouver's Chinatown and Carnaval in Brazil

- Not been allowed to eat the yummy food at far too many fine restaurants.

- And at some not-so-fine restaurants....

- Imbibed more alcohol than I should have and still managed to crawl straight

- Visited 5 countries and 4 national capitals (still need to work on Brasília!)


Buenos Aires


- Travelled by plane, automobile, bus, motorbike, electric bicycle, small boat, train, subway, streetcar, dogsled, ferry, and backpack.

- Dipped my toes in the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, Lake Ontario, and the Yukon and São Francisco Rivers

Pacific Ocean - Chiloé Island, Chile

Lake Ontario
Yukon River

- Hung out with Madonna AND Evita in Buenos Aires, Lula in Brazil, and....hmmm....some Yukon bloggers in the Yukon....

Eva Perón's tomb, Buenos Aires

Lula and ministers, Santo André

- Slept, bathed, nursed and been the life of the party in too many exotic places to count.


Buenos Aires

Chiloé National Park, Chile

Santiago, with my amiguita Rocío

- Pondered the world's problems

Whew! That's enough bragging for one night. If you encourage me by leaving comments, I might add to the list another day! Heck, I might even add some recent pictures of me doing sophisticated things like peeing on the potty, riding my mini-tricycle, and eating tofu. Oh wait, those aren't sophisticated, you say? Right, maybe I'll go back to solving the world's problems....


Falcão said...

Arrasou, Elis!!!! Além de linda e inteligente é super descolada! Bjo grande!

Thiago said...

A Elis é linda d+ né? fofucha toda!!!

Thais Madeira said...


Nossa pequena intelectual..desde cedo tentando entender os problemas socioeconômicos e educacionais do mundo-já que é uma cidadão globalizada, conhecedora de vários países....
Lendo Paulo está no caminho certo!!Mas olha...quando crescer vou te dar outros livros para ler. Marx, embora seja um grande pensador, já não consegue explicar todos os nosso problemas econômicos.
Sugiro que agora você aproveite para brincar bastante e leia também, mas nãos e preocupe com esses problemas...curta a sua infância hahahaha

Bjs e saudades lindinha
Tia Thais